The Connection

1.  TEAMS.  Volunteer teams are really the heartbeat of our church.  These action-oriented groups make things happen every single weekend.  When you’re a part of a team, you play a vital role in creating environments where people can go from where they are to where God wants them to be.  You’ll connect with a team leader who will care about you, pray for you, and “pastor” you.  There are three primary volunteer areas:


  • Revive Kids and Nursery – if you like preschoolers or elementary kids and have a heart to help them follow Jesus, then REVIVE KIDS is for you.  Everything you need to minister in these areas will be provided. If you are interested contact Nikki Bowen.
  • Production – if you know sound, lights, video or computers, then the PRODUCTION TEAM is the right place for you.  If you are not afraid of a little “elbow sweat” then let us know. You can set-up, tear-down, push buttons, pack trailers and all kind of super fun things! If you are interested contact Johnathan Elrod.
  • Guest Services – Every weekend, greeters, ushers, parking attendants and friendly people in the coffee bar help people have an amazing experience at church.  If you’ve got a nice smile and want to welcome new people, then GUEST SERVICES is for you.  When people leave Revive they should feel welcomed and cared for, GUEST SERVICES make it happen! If you are interested contact Brittany Surratt.


2.  GROUPS.  LIFEgroups at Revive Church happen weekly around your community.  They are a great place to make friends and study the Bible at the same time.  These groups are for men, women, married couples, singles, middle schoolers, and high schoolers and they are the place where true community happens.  Check out a list of groups at and contact the group leader directly for more information.  If you’re not sure what group is right for you, then email Jeremy and he’ll help you.


3.  SERVING  Here at Revive, we are more concerned with being the church than doing church. We actively seek ways to serve and minister to those in our community. We also encourage Revivers to intentionally seek opportunities to do the same. If you are interested contact Nancy Sisk.