Tailgate Baptism

Posted by on Sep 24, 2016 in General

Tailgate Baptism

Setup time: 10am

Service time: 10:30

Just wanted to clarify how the tailgate is different from other socials we have had at Revive. This Sunday you will need to bring EVERYTHING you & your family need for a meal. For example, I will bring a meal for me & my family, so I will be grilling some hamburgers and hotdogs. I will also be bringing my own side dishes,my own desserts, and my own drinks. You Eat What You Bring. 

Some ideas are bring finger foods or sandwiches, run to Bojangles, bring a grill and begin grilling food at the church as soon as the service is over. If two families want to join together and make a plan to cover an entire meal than you can do that as well. 

We will also have games. There will be inflatables for the kids. It will be a great time to socialize and to hangout with each other.

Hope this helps. See you Sunday!